The 300-hour/2-year certification program requires the completion of 7 modules and program assignments. Graduates of the earn the title of Certified Practitioner of Spiritually Fly Yoga and Meditation. The program is guided and mentored personally by Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly), along with a team of talented senior level instructors. At the end, you will be certified and authorized to teach the Spiritually Fly Yoga and Meditation Experience. 

You have up to 2 years to complete the program, so move at your own pace.

You can start with the pre-recorded content.

Current and Upcoming Modules

  • Intuitive Breathwork Certification (pre-recorded)
  • Awaken Meditation Training (pre-recorded)
  • Kundalini Immersion (pre-recorded)
  • Inversion Course (pre-recorded)
  • Crystal Farm 101 (pre-recorded)
  • Meditation + Mindfulness Certification (June 2022 Livestream)
  • The Business of You: Moving from Fear to Firece (Aug 2022) 
  • Mudra Magic (Releasing July 2022)
  • Intuitive Breathwork (Fall 2022 Livestream Edition)
  • Elevate Your Life Coaching Certification (Dec 2022)
  • Healing Within:  Reiki Energy Work Level 1 Certification w/ Faith Hunter and Stuart Bishop (2023)
  • Energetic Sequencing: Chakra Healing w/ Faith Hunter (2023)
  • Energetic Sequencing: Spiritually Fly Practice: Movement to Meditation (2023)

Weekend Hours

Hours are structured based on the content and trainers. There’s a mix of livestream and pre-record sessions. In order to receive your 300-hr certification, you must complete 7 modules over the a 2 year period. 

Tuition: $4000 (pay in full in or installments)

Faith's YTT Graduates: $3900 (this can also be paid in installments). Email the Director with questions.

ALL purchases are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to complete the program, payments can be applied to other Faith Hunter Wellness Programs or Embrace OM. 

Additional fees include cost of books only (approximately $100-$150 over the length of the program).

Additional Information

Completion of a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered training program. 

Requirements for completion include: 7 training modules, 3 mentoring sessions with Faith (45-mins each), refining your personal teaching style/voice through active teaching, and submission of workshop/retreat curriculum or approved project approved by Faith. Each teacher will maintain a journal of activities/hours, and the personalized.

After completing our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Program, you will receive a certificate making you eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance RYT 500 designation as a certified Spiritually Fly Yoga and Meditation Experience Teacher.

More information
Contact our Training Director with specific questions.

Pricing options

Pay in full or installments. Contact our Director of Training if you to need schedule a different payment plan.

A Yoga Alliance Registered School

We offer 200-hr and 300/500-hr programs, along with Continuing Education Units (CEUs)