Elevate your body, mind and soul!

Since the late 90s, yoga and mediation have been an integral part of my lifestyle. These and other healing practices have supported my overall wellbeing. Along with training teachers, owning multiple wellness businesses, and traveling the world, I've been able to share my knowledge, experience and natural gifts. 

That’s why I knew it was time to create something that brings you intimate and truly exclusive content at your finger tips. Each month I will share content like meditations, journaling sessions, worksheets, podcast, videos and so much more. In addition, I will host quarterly workshops/events specifically for Elevate Members. This is your place to experience the depth and breath of being Spiritually Fly.

Here's how the membership can enhance your life.

I created this membership to support your personal spiritual and emotional journey. From individual videos to workshops, each offering is designed to enhance your overall wellbeing.

  • Monthly meditations to calm, energize and heal.

  • Access to workshops and mini-courses crafted to guide your through personal transformation.

  • Live virtual gatherings and events to inspire, support and connect.

  • Affirmations and poems to inspire.

  • Connect and share with others through the ELEVATE Forum.

Amplify Your SOUL

What am I purchasing when I join ELEVATE?

As an Elevate Member, you have access to an array of monthly digital content ($6000 + value over 12 months). These exclusive offerings will aid you in finding clarity, unblocking and releasing pain, navigating personal shifts, and stepping into your full potential.