Breathe, feel and AWAKEN! Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly), global yoga and meditation instructor, has designed a unique breathwork and meditation training based on her years of personal and teaching experience. This virtual foundation course shares practical techniques on how to energetically teach breathing and meditation practices as tools for authentic living. 

During the course, you will experience and discuss breath awareness, stimulation, and soothing connection. You will also study the fundamentals of the chakras, anatomy of breathing, and meditations based on concentration, awareness, and visualization. Because this training pulls from Faith’s own teaching approach to mediation, you gain knowledge on how to tap into your own wellspring and remain grounded while teaching. 

Ultimately during Faith’s AWAKEN Training, you will learn how to:

  • guide intentional and energetically rooted breathwork and meditation sessions;

  • support clients through their own journal;

  • craft your own guided meditations;

  • become a healing guide through meditation.

This program includes virtual classes, meditations guided by Faith, sample scripts, and handouts. Certification requirements: 10-hours of virtual training, completing Faith’s Shades of the Soul Meditations (21 meditation + journaling), and facilitating a recorded meditation session. Upon completion and certification, 10 CEUs available for Yoga Alliance. 

Investment:  $575

Yoga Alliance CEUs are provided for ALL courses and trainings offered on this training platform.

Course curriculum

    1. Day One

    2. Training Guide

    3. Mudra Guide

    4. Sample Meditations

    1. Day 2

    1. Shades of the Soul Meditations

    1. Meditation Certification Requirements

About this course

  • $575.00
  • 7 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content