Work on Healing Yourself and Become a Certified Intuitive Breathwork and Meditation Guide

Pre-recorded Livestream Course

This virtual course deepens your understanding of breath, and how it serves as a transformational tool. Learn Faith's Intuitive Breathwork Technique, guide practices to heal yourself and others from emotional pain, and become a Certified Intuitive Breathwork + Meditation Guide. 

During the course, you will experience and discuss breathing techniques used in Intuitive Breathwork, breath stimulation, and the soothing connection to calm and support the mind through intentional spiritual work. You will also review the anatomy of breath, learn other valuable breathing techniques that can be used during breathwork sessions, acquire the skills to safely hold space for students during emotional moments, and learn to guide students through the process. Because the training pulls from Faith's own teaching approach to breathwork and meditation, you will gain knowledge on how to tap into your wellspring and remain grounded while teaching. 

The training is open to ALL! It is perfect for yoga teachers, healers, energy workers, life coaches, and anyone that wishes to deepen their understanding or incorporate this into their wellness work.

The course also serves as a Live Training Module within Faith’s 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Yoga Alliance CEUs are provided for ALL courses and training programs offered by Faith Hunter. 

During Faith’s Intuitive Breathwork and Meditation Course, you will:

  • Experience and learn to guide deep rooted, transformational, and energetically-driven breathwork.

  • Learn how to utilize breathwork as the foundation for meditation sessions.

  • Gain knowledge on how to support yourself and others on emotional journeys into healing.

Course Details

The course includes 5 Live recorded sessions, pre-recorded breathing techniques shared during the program, handouts, a facilitator's guide, and a music playlist. During the course, Faith will also guide you through 2 healing breathwork sessions.

  • Module 1: Welcome + Intro to Intuitive Breathwork
  • Module 2: Breath is Life
  • Module 3: Intuitive Mind  
  • Module 4: Techniques, Structure, and Holding Space
  • Module 5: Final Practice and Closing Discussion

Start TODAY!

Investment in your healing and support others.

Faith encourages you to have a basic understanding of meditation.

  • Attended workshops and multiple classes around meditation or breathwork.

  • Completed another meditation, breathwork, yoga, reiki, fitness, or any type of wellness course that provides a basic understanding of breath and energy course.

  • Graduate or enrolled in Faith's 200hr or 300/500hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

  • Graduate or enrolled in Faith's digital Awaken Level 1 Meditation Training.

Enhance your healing journey!