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Yoga Practice Library

The Practice Library is a place for you to access an assortment of asana and movement practices. There's no right or wrong way to use this section. Simply scroll through the categories, and select what you desire. Each month we will upload at least one yoga practice. These Spiritually Fly practices include mindful flow, restorative, yin, breathwork, meditation, mudras, mantras, and more.

Yoga Practices

    1. How to Use the Membership Resource Library

    2. How to access your library

    1. Practice Presence

    2. Unwind | Restorative

    3. Gentle Evening Yoga and Meditation Practice

    4. Spiritually Fly Solstice Practice (2020)

    1. Kriya Meditation on the Self and Your Capacity For Infinity Meditation

    2. Magnificent 9 and Mediation to Know Your Inner Strength

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